Emma is the instructor who gives you the urge to work out and never wanting to stop. With her imaginative way of instructing, her classes are filled with power, strength and personality. No one can avoid being inspired by her charisma and energy. Emma is a part of NIKE ELITE (training) which gives her a greater knowledge and development possibilities.

You are able to see Emma instruct, train and catch her seminars all through out Sweden, on different workshops and conventions.
She is a guest instructor several gyms and clubs all around the country. Emma is also a personal trainer in her home town of Växjö, as well as an instructor and training coach at CMS Träningslivet.

Emma also has an aspiring career as a media consultant with in the radio industry, planning marketing campaigns structure, content and script. As of 2002, Emma has had the privilege of being a NIKE Women’s model, where she is presented as "the Swedish girl with strength and power"

Emma has been an instructor since 1990 and has very broad agenda. It stretches from basic, to very advanced classes. She teaches High, Low, Step, Box, Funk, Body Pump, Body Balance, Muscle Toning, Power Strike, Power Strike Impact, Forza and Child Aerobics. Emma is filled with energy and charisma; she is very imaginative ideas and is extremely clear and easy to fallow in her teaching methods. When visiting one of her classes – you never know what might happen!

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