High Explosion
In this class, Emma’s passion for aerobics is very obvious. It is demanding combined with a high pace and finesse, lifting the energy level. It has a high cardio level with big movements.

Aerobic Dance
A dance class with high cardio, smooth transitions and enormous joy. Movement personality and inspired by creativity, happiness and energy.

Low Power
No jumps, but still a high cardio due to a great deal of movement and finesse at different levels.

A class filled with personality and emotion. Smooth transitions resulting in a high intensity at several different levels.

With Emma you definitely dance and get funky. Basic steps are successively developed to rhythms, with attitude and contrast.

Inspired by traditional boxing training and martial arts, you get a class filled with stamina, as well as kick and punch combinations. A class where you get to take action.

Power Strike
A choreographed karate and kickboxing class. Where kick and punching technique is taught along with music.

Power Strike Impact
The class consists of three rounds of kick box training, where you work non stop using gloves against a single punching bag. Working with kicks and punches from karate and kick boxing.

Power Strike Forza
A one hour class using a samurai sword, working your upper and lower body. Combining two different Japanese techniques.

Cardio Muscle
A fun work out, excellent technique and a challenge for you. A great muscle workout with creative exercises and high intensity. With focus on stamina, strength and balance.

Is a one hour group workout with music, where you work through the entire body and large muscle groups with the help of a bar and weights. Maximum effect during amount of minimum time.

Working on strength, balance and agility inspired by yoga and pilates. Work out is done along to music and is customized for the modern persons needs and environment.

Child Aerobics
Fun filled class emphasizing on body control, concentration with a very pedagogical method.

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